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Watch re-play of Bryan Hudson's commentary on Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King's Letter From the Birmingham Jail. 

On the Martin Luther King holiday, one of the best things we can do is read, consider, and act on the actual writing of Dr. King.

You will gain clarity and understanding for today from Chapter Seven by my book: "Justice, What Is It? An Everyday Person's Guide to Understanding Justice and the Role of the Church"

You can follow this link to the Atlantic Magazine to read the entire letter originally published August, 1963. It is a long, but very important read. 


The stream will be available at my Facebook page, Twitter, and the New Covenant Church YouTube Channel.

Topics Covered From Rev. Dr. King's Letter From the Birmingham Jail

  • Preparing to Respond

  • Not One Man, an Inevitable Force for Change

  • Principles of Action

  • A Network of Mutuality

  • Philosophical Foundation

  • Why We Won’t Wait

  • Two Kinds of Laws

  • Unjust Laws Damage the Soul

  • Dismantling Injustice Arguments

  • Genuine Law and Order

  • Examples of Civil Disobedience

  • The Sacrifices of Leaders

  • Martin Luther King, the Pastor

  • Using Christ to Hinder Fellow Christians

  • Loss of Authenticity for the American Church

  • Looking for the Church Within the Church

  • Oppression Cannot Continue

  • Confidence in the Promise of America

  • Optimism in the Face of Despair

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